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WELCOME TO Greenpoint Agency Inc.


October 14, 2013 Greenpoint Agency is pleased to announce our affiliate, Cover Agency, Ltd , is now licensed in 6 states. New Jersey has been added: NJ, NY, CT, IL, IN, OH.

December 5,2012 - 1. Greenpoint is pleased to announce its affiliate Cover Agency, Ltd is now licensed to do property and casualty insurance 
in 5 states: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, New York.

2. We are pleased to introduce a terrific Business Owner Policy, the "Superior BOP"; Now it is possible to obtain property insurance and liability insurance with many perils covered, at a substantial discount premium. Both small and big limits are possible. Superior BOP       BOP Sample Quotes

Sept. 25, 2012: News Flash -New Plan"
Automated,  "Prompt Quote, Bind, Issue" Plan:


Commercial Umbrella Liability & Excess Liability Program


Greenpoint Agency is pleased to introduce the availability of our Automated Business Insurance "Quote, Bind, and Issue" Insurance System (Also, the terrific coverages and low premiums) for the following types of business insurance:

Automated "Prompt Quote, Bind,

Issue" Insurance Plans" :

1. IT Security Technolgy Package

2. Professional Liability 100s Plans

3. Technology Internet Profl. Liab

4. Educators Legal Liability Ins

5. Public Entity, Officials, Liability

6. Employment Practices Liability

7. For-Profit Management Liab

8. Not-For Profit Mngmnt Liab

9. Fiduciary Liability Package

10. Crime- Fidelity Liability Pack

11. Directors Officers Liability Ins

12. Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

13. Underground-Above Tanks Liab

Please click on any of the abovelinks to obtain additional business insurance information from our affiliated company. Then you can easily return to our website. Call us for prompt answers to your questions:  Office: 718-591-2400 or email  to:



Also, Remember if you need a 12 monthly payment homeowner's policy, contact us immeditely for placement with a high quality insurance company and no interest charges for the 12 payments. 

Introductory Information
Who is Greenpoint Agency?

  • We are insurance agents and brokers of business insurance for companies and professionals. We specialize in lowest cost commercial insurance protection, combined with excellent advice and personal service. Our services include down to earth insurance advice to protect our clients property, capital, and products (during and after client services are rendered or goods are delivered).  Our company places both standard property and casualty insurance plus various kinds of financial insurance including trade credit insurance, structured credit insurance, bank loan insurance, and merger and acquisition insurances
  • We are in the business of advising our clients about:
    • Maximizing their Property and Casualty Insurance Coverages, at the Lowest Possible Cost;
    • Minimizing the Risk of Loss to the company's Capitalization;
    • Providing advice as to how to Use Insurance to Increase Sales Revenue, while protecting profits;
    • Risk Insurance Management: Reducing the risk of interference with the daily operations of the company; the risk of decreaed sales and profits that will result from damage to the company's inventory and equipment, or infrastructure (including books, records, marketing materials, computer systems, etc) . We can assist our clients in creating or improving, and implementing a Risk Insurance Management Program, that will decrease the possiblity of substantial interference with their business operations.

In addition, we have the expertise to further assist our clients:

A. Insurance Protection For Owner's Capital: We are the rare insurance agency who understands your company's need to protect its "Capital" against litigation losses caused by third parties
(competitors or prior customers), who make claims of: defective products and services, various kinds of injury to their companies or themselves, etc.. The potential for third party claims that may destroy your working capital base, and even force a company into dissolution always exists. Insurance protection can often be obtained to protect your company's Equity Capital (including hard earned profits) from many of the perils in our society.

Our Brokers and our In-House Counsel will work with our insurance clients (and their counsel) to assist in developing or improving the company's business model or business plan, reducing the risk of litigation losses to the company's capital base, using insurance protection. In effect, you can place an insurance company's capital at risk of loss, instead of your own company's capital, with insurance protection against certain types of perils. For addtional information please contact us.

B. Insurance Protection Against Non-Payment of Accounts Receivables:
We provide assistance in developing and implementing business plans to increase gross sales revenue and profits, utilizing the protection afforded by credit insurance. For example: We encourage the use of "Credit Insurance" to provide insurance protection against defaulted accounts receivables. Credit insurance can frequently be obtained for both domestic accounts receivables (USA) and international accounts receivables (China, Europe, etc). Additional information is available on request.

  • For non-payment of accounts receivables, our clients often put the insurance companies'capital primarily "at risk", instead of our clients capital.
  • Credit Insurance may reduce your cost of borrowing working capital from banks and other lenders.
  • Using Credit Insurance as protection, your company can increase its sales revenue by extending additional credit to both to its existing client base, and to new customers too. Banks will often lend more working capital to a client when the accounts receivables are insured against non-payment.

C. Professional Liability Insurance , Malpractice Insurance,

Error and Omission Insurance, Products Liability Insurance, Completed Operations Insurance, Manufacturers and Contractors Liability Insurance, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, etc.

What types of industries and companies may do commercial insurance business with Greenpoint Agency?

  • We are interested in providing commercial property and casualty insurance to healthcare providers such as -manufacturers-wholesalers, other manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, internet companies and web service providers-designers, financial entities including mortgage lenders and leasing companies, brokers and other intermediaries, business executives and owners, real estate investors and management companies, contractors both general and sub-contractors), real estate investor developers, marketing organizations, exporters/importers, transportation and shipping companies. We provide insurance to professionals and their businesses, at the lowest possible cost.

Please visit our Industries Served webpage for further information: industriesserved

Where can Greenpoint do commercial insurance business?

  • We can do domestic business in the USA; We are currently expanding our geographic footprint.
  • International Insurance can be placed for Asia, Europe, and South America. Our staff includes fluent Chinese language personnel. Marine Insurance for international shipments of goods, and Accounts Receivable Credit Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Employment Practices Insurance, Low Cost Business Owner Policies - all are specialties of our agency. Give us a call and discuss what you think you need; our business is broader than the list.

We invite inquiries from commercial businesses, financial entities, investors, brokers, professionals organizations that are interested in obtaining further information as to how insurance may reduce their business risks, protect their invested capital, increase their sales revenue and profits, and create or improve their Risk Insurance Management - Business Interference Prevention Program.

Direct your inquiries to Greenpoint Agency, Inc. - Contact Information:

Priscilla Li, Vice President
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

Direct: (347) 886 - 9778

Office: (718) 591 - 2400

Norman M. Carniol, Esq.
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

Direct: (347) 551 - 0800

Office: (718) 591 - 2400

Executive Offices:

179-14 Union Turnpike
Flushing, New York 11366

Greenpoint Agency, Inc.,


IT Security Insurance


BusinessOwnersInsurance - BOPS






CommercialUmbrella, ExcessLiabiity Cover




Critical IllnessInsurance

(Employment Practices Liability)


Environmental Pollution Insurance






Inland Marine, Ocean Marine Cover


Lessor, Landlord Insurance



Lower Cost Lawyers Malpractice Cover


MedicalFacilities, Hospitals-Property Cover




Motor Truck Cargo Insurance





(commercial, professional, industrial)

Greenpoint Agency, Inc.,

Additional Products

Business Overhead Expense Cover

Comprehensive Liability Insurance

Contractor Insurance

Construction Insurance

Subcontractors Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Structured Credit Insurance

Data Security Cover

Directors & Officers Insurance

Disability Income Ins.

Distributors, Wholesalers Insurance

Excess Liability Cover

Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance

Garage Liability Cover

Garage Keepers Liability

Tow Trucks

Import, Export Cover

International, Multinational Cover

Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Professional Liability Ins 600 + Classes

Manufacturers Cover

Medical Facilities,Hospitals,Professional Liability

Merger & Acquisition Insurance
Transaction Insurance

Political Risk Insurance

Retailers Packaged Ins.

Surety, Performance Bonds

Tank Safe, Pollution & Environmental Cover

Trucks, Commercial Vehicles Insurance

Vacant Properties Cover

Wholesale Insurance for
  P and C Brokers
, Live & Health Agents

Many Additional Types of Insurance - Ask Us!

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