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CommercialUmbrella, ExcessLiabiity Cover




Critical IllnessInsurance

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Environmental Pollution Insurance






Inland Marine, Ocean Marine Cover


Lessor, Landlord Insurance



Lower Cost Lawyers Malpractice Cover


MedicalFacilities, Hospitals-Property Cover




Motor Truck Cargo Insurance





(commercial, professional, industrial)

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Business Overhead Expense Cover

Comprehensive Liability Insurance

Contractor Insurance

Construction Insurance

Subcontractors Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Structured Credit Insurance

Data Security Cover

Directors & Officers Insurance

Disability Income Ins.

Distributors, Wholesalers Insurance

Excess Liability Cover

Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance

Garage Liability Cover

Garage Keepers Liability

Tow Trucks

Import, Export Cover

International, Multinational Cover

Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Professional Liability Ins 600 + Classes

Manufacturers Cover

Medical Facilities,Hospitals,Professional Liability

Merger & Acquisition Insurance
Transaction Insurance

Political Risk Insurance

Retailers Packaged Ins.

Surety, Performance Bonds

Tank Safe, Pollution & Environmental Cover

Trucks, Commercial Vehicles Insurance

Vacant Properties Cover

Wholesale Insurance for
  P and C Brokers
, Live & Health Agents

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About Us - An Introduction to Our Company


Greenpoint Agency, Inc. has been in the insurance brokerage and agency business since the 1970’s.


We specialize in Business and Financial Insurance, Professional Liability and Malpractice, Error and Omission Insurance, Business Owner’s Policies with substantial discounts in premiums, Contractors Insurance, Environmental and Pollution Insurance, Employment Practices Liability, Credit Insurance, Merger and Acquisition Insurance, and most other kinds of insurance that keep our clients both in business and profitable. Our low cost insurance programs are considered the best in the industry today.  


Greenpoint's top management insurance brokers combine their business expertise with personal, knowledgeable service, and substantial business experience.


We specializes in both securing the right Business Insurance to protect our clients at the right price.


1. Business Credit Insurance  , that is Accounts Receivables Payment Insurance (or Trade Credit Insurance)- Both Short Term and Long Term.


2. Business Credit Enhancement Insurance to enable a business to borrow more money and/or sell on credit to its customers without substantial risk to its own capital..


3. Business Merger and Acquisition Insurance  to provide Transaction Insurance Protection for Purchase or Sale of a Company.


4. Bank Loan Insurance to insure the repayment of a depository or non-depository commercial lender's loans.


5. All Risk Property Insurance, Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance, etc.


6. Marine Insurance to insure both international and domestic shipments of goods by ship, plane, train, truck.


7. Contractors and Construction Insurance, which includes marine insurance protection for the contractors equipment, contractor's performance bonds, various kinds of property and liability insurance including completed operations coverages.


8. Liability Insurance of all available kinds, including: products liability coverages, comprehensive general liability cover, completed operations cover, etc.


9. Professional Liability Insurance/ Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance, Malpractice Insurance with the broad insurance coverages needed to help a professional and business remain in business, and not lose their capital.


10. Cyber Insurance, and Secure Data Insurance to protect against severe liability judgments when social security numbers or legally confidential information is stolen either online or by a computer repairman.


10. Surety Bonds to guarantee the performance of a company.


11. Crime Insurance and  Fidelity Bonds to protect a company against dishonest acts of its employees, and third parties. 

12.  Environmental and Pollution Insurance that protects a company against the unexpected liability associated with environmental injury  to people, the environment, etc.

Check out our list on the right to see more.


 Greenpoint Management:


Our top management staff consists of experienced business insurance personnel who are able to explain risk and insurance policy coverages. The majority of our staff have been employed 20+ years by the company. In addition to our insurance broker/agents, underwriting, and accounting staff, our personnel include both in-house legal counsel, and chinese speaking personnel (To assist in our international China/Asia insurance business and in U.S. Chinese speaking communities).


We are very knowledgeable; we can secure business insurance coverages with numerous, highly rated American Insurance Companies, Lloyds, and also International Insurance Companies (that do business in their home countries and frequently in the United States too (through their subsidiaries)).


We have the capability to place commercial insurance for many types of property and casualty risks with Lloyds, located in London, United Kingdom. Our top management periodically travels to London, to visit with Lloyds syndicates, and discuss client needs on a one to one basis.


Greenpoint Agency, Inc. 

Primary Contact Information Is: 

Priscilla Li, Vice President
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

Direct Phone: (347) 886 - 9778 

Office: (718) 591 - 2400

 Email : 

Norman M. Carniol, Esq. 
Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

Direct Phone: (347) 551 - 0800

Office: (718) 591 - 2400



Note: English is our primary language. We speak Chinese and Spanish too.

 International Inquiries Are Welcome.

 We are located in Queens County,  New York City, USA

 Executive Offices Address:

 179-14 Union Turnpike

Flushing, New York 11366 USA

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